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PT. Tiga Daun Teratas was founded by youngsters with entrepreneur’s spirit and passion in food and beverage. PT. Tiga Daun Teratas is a new start-up food and beverage company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. A small dedicated elite team striving to serve untapped niche needs. It is based on founder experiences that finding delicious and healthier but affordable food and beverage in Indonesia is somehow still a rare. We believe food and beverage is human basic needs. The first brand from PT. Tiga Daun Teratas is U-think? A unique brand name intended to provoking consumer to think the impossible becoming possible. With its first product ‘believe to be the first in Indonesia’ called Matcha Latte, originally from Japan, a delicious and healthier beverage made popular by the new health-conscious generation. Product quality is our top priority and a must. NO preservatives, NO artificial sweetener, and NO artificial color were added. Currently, Matcha Latte is distributed within schools, universities, modern markets, cafes, and hair salons. Catch us also at bazaars & exhibitions around Jakarta. Meanwhile, new variants and new products are in the cooking pot, can’t wait to be launch and served. In order to keep up with the ‘Connected Generation’, feels free to converse with us on and twitter @theuthink.VisionTo be one of the most creative and innovative food and beverage company that put forward the importance of “growing together with our stakeholders” as a community.MissionTo quench not only consumers" thirst, but also their mind and soul.
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